Parameters At Grey Matter Academics At other CA Coaching Academies Impact of the Parameters
Maximum no. of students taken in a year in a class 40 (forty) Unlimited, may go up to 400 in some cases Teacher to student ratio is 1:40. Ensures closer interaction with teacher
Eligibility to join 90% in CBSE or 97% in State Board No such requirements Teachers’ effectiveness improves due to similar set of serious and committed students;
Classes  and Studies 6 hours of classes daily with a minimum mandatory 4 hours of study sessions under the supervision of a qualified Teacher 5-6 hours of classes only More time spent by students on studies.
Weekly Tests and Mock exams Weekly tests every Sunday followed by review of performance of each student.

Minimum of two Mock exams before the actual exams

Very few Academies conduct tests regularly. If done, valuation and review not conducted. Ensures weekly assessments for students to improve.
Vigilance over Attendance to classes and tests Strict vigilance over attendance in classes, study sessions and tests is enforced. Does not take place Gives Comfort to Parents
Web based Student information system (SIS) Attendance to classes, study sessions and tests, marks and performance is daily uploaded in the SIS for parents to see. Does not exist Parents get daily update of students’ attendance and performance.
Facility to students for retake of exams Continuous assistance and support given to students who are required to retake exams at no extra cost Does not exist
Classes for all subjects in Foundation, Intermediate and Final. Available under one roof Hardly any Academy conducts classes for all subjects especially in Final. Greater comfort and facility to students
Administrative Support Provided to students for completing various requirements as specified by ICAI (including Articleship, ITT, Orientation, Madras University, etc.) No such support given. Greater comfort and facility to students
Hostel Facilities Fully furnished hostel with twin sharing facility exclusively for our students. Very few Academies have this arrangement. In such cases other students and working people also stay. Greater comfort and facility to students
Integrated Program Students inducted into B Com of the University of Madras.

Also, after our students complete CA Final, can qualify for ACCA (UK) by writing 4 out of 13 papers for which we conduct classes.

Does not exist Student can take advantage of the commonalities of the subjects covered whereby the students not only graduate but also obtain an additional international qualification.