The COVID 19 has upset almost everyone’s plans in their day to day life. We never imagined just a few months ago that we all will be glued to our homes for over 40 days, that all activities will be shut and with no public transport. While many things can wait, but education has to go on. We cannot be cowed down and allow extraneous factors to decide our educational progress.

Grey Matter Academics (GMA) has always put the students’ interest to the forefront and has ensured that our students are not deprived of their studies. Within a few days of the announcement of lockdown, we started first with recorded video classes for our captive students. Now we have shifted to online classes for their studies relating to ACCA and Indian Chartered Accountancy (both Intermediate and Final). The classes have been well received and our students are now confident to approach their professional exam without a hint of fear that they will be ill prepared.

GMA has now decided to offer the online classes to others also. Such of those who are preparing for ACCA or any level of Indian Chartered Accountancy can now approach us for online classes.

The dates of commencement of fresh batch of classes will be as follows:

Commencement date* Likely end date* To facilitate
For CA Intermediate Exams – Group 2 22nd April 2020 31st July 2020 CA Inter exams in Nov 2020
FOR CA Final (FR, DT & IDT) 23rd May 2020 15th Nov 2020 CA Final in May 2021
ACCA – F8 (Audit & Assurance) 15th May 2020 30th June 2020 Exam in September 2020
ACCA – SBL 15th May 2020 30th June 2020 Exam in September 2020

* Dates may vary by a few days

For further details about the online classes, kindly contact +91 44 24331331 or +91 9384670503 or mail to