The Total 12 Step Guide to complete the US CPA Exams

The Total 12 Step Guide to complete the US CPA Exams

Step 1: Why CPA and understand about CPA

One needs clarity on why he/she should do the CPA.  Once this is clear, half the battle is won since he/she may not need motivation from the outside to egg him/her on.  It is important to talk to a qualified CPA on what the exam is all about.  This is not just an educational journey but an emotional journey too and hence this is important before one embarks into this.


Step 2: Preliminary Assessment of Credentials

Before joining any training program it is important that you ascertain your eligibility to take up the CPA Exams.  While the exam is conducted by the AICPA, one has to affiliate himself/herself with a State in the US and each State is different and will have specific requirements.  Hence visit Grey Matter Academics (GMA) and meet the Expert to ascertain your eligibility before taking the next step.


Step 3: Ascertain Eligibility and Join GMA

Wiley CPAexcel Program GMA will confirm your eligibility and then it’s time to enrol for an appropriate Wiley CPA excel Program with GMA, their Authorised Learning Partner.


Step 4: Academic Credentials Evaluation and obtain Eligibility to take up the US CPA Exam

Since you have received your degree outside the US, you will need an Education Evaluation Service in the US to review your academic records and equate it to the US System.  NASBA provides this service to International Candidates and the GMA expert will guide the candidate in getting this done.  Subsequently, obtain the eligibility to take up the US CPA Exam.


Step 5: Classes for the CPA Exams

Proceed with the classes for the CPA Exams.  Classes conducted by a Qualified Certified Public Accountant.


Step 6: Submit transcripts and Application and obtain approval to take up the US CPA Exam

Submit your transcripts and application to the relevant State Board of Accountancy along with the required fee.  Once your application has gone through, receive approval from the State Board to take up the CPA Exam.


Step 7: Select CPA Exam Sections and pay Fees

Once the classes are over, decide on the Exam Section(s) you want to appear and pay the required fees to NASBA.


Step 8: Receive NTS from NASBA

Upon receipt of the exam fees and application to sit for the Exam, NASBA will send you a Notice to Schedule (NTS) which will allow you to schedule your exams appropriately.


Step 9: Schedule your CPA exams

Once you receive the NTS, schedule your CPA exams at a convenient date of your choice in  It is relevant to note that Indian Candidates are eligible to take up the CPA Exams at any of the Centers in the US or Bahrain, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates or Kuwait.


Step 10: Take up your CPA Exams

If permitted, it is preferred for a candidate to go to the testing center a day prior to the test day and perform a trial run.  It is important to find the location of the center a day earlier to be at peace on the day of the exam.  Follow the guidelines given by NASBA in appearing for the exam.   Have a good night sleep the earlier night and a good meal before you take up the exam.   Be relaxed while taking up the exams.


Step 11: Receive your Scores

Generally, the scores are released within 2-5 weeks after testing and depend on the date in which you have taken up the same.  On the day of the score release, follow the steps on NASBA’s website to check your score(s).


Step 12: Apply and Obtain the Licensure

It is very important for an International Candidate to comply with the requirements of the Licensure and obtain the Licensure within 3 years of passing the exams.   It is relevant to note that if this is not done the credit for passing the exams is revoked and the candidate will have to take up the exams again.  GMA will provide total guidance in this process and the candidate will have to follow this to obtain his/her Licensure.